Services and fees

Currently we offer individual nutrition counseling.

Free 20 minute consultation – Let’s make sure we are a right fit for each other and you feel comfortable with my services. This can be in person or over the phone.

$100 Initial Consultation and Case Review – We will discuss your current health concerns, past medical history and nutrition habits. I will make initial recommendations during this visit.

$50-$75 Follow up visits – This can be in person or via email or phone. We will discuss what is or is not working and I will make further recommendations to achieve your goals.

$220 Initial Consultation + 3 follow up visits

$350 Initial Consultation + 5 follow up visits


Nutrition healing is not typically a one and done session. The best outcomes accompany ongoing work to achieve a lifestyle change.


Self pay only at this time. Cash, checks, credit cards, PayPal and Venmo accepted.