Pomegranate and Goat Cheese Salad


Let me start by saying I am by no means a recipe blogger. There are plenty out there that I routinely repost recipes from. However, I am not one.

I love a good salad. I love goat cheese. I love pomegranate seeds.

This salad is super easy and has the ability to impress people. My boyfriend thinks I make the best salads and I’ll continue to pretend that I just throw them together on a whim. I’m THAT amazing!


Lettuce. I used green leaf but use whatever you prefer. Remember the greener and darker the more nutritious. Although, a vegetable is a vegetable. Just eat them please.

Pomegranate seeds. I go the easy route and get the ones ready to use.

Goat Cheese. I use goat cheese crumbles.

Chopped Walnuts. Or other nuts of your choice.

Salad Dressing. I would lean towards a vinaigrette. I love this one from Cindy’s Kitchen because it contains ingredients I can pronounce and it is really yummy:


I packed this salad for a camping trip. I kept the nuts separate until served so they wouldn’t get too soft.