New Years Resolutions


Welcome 2019! I know, I know, it’s a few weeks into the new year already but I’m just recovering from the holidays now that the kids are back to school. Plus, this is a good time to take a little inventory of how those new years resolutions are going.

New Years resolutions. Do you make any? Do you accomplish them every year? If so, that’s awesome and keep it up! If you struggle with this, let’s chat about it.

  1. Make resolutions that are attainable. If you want to get into shape are you going to exercise 7 days a week for the next year? Or should you aim for at least 3 days a week? Be realistic about what fits into your life.
  2. Write your resolutions down and keep them somewhere you will see often.
  3. Revise if needed. If you find yourself struggling with a resolution revise it to something that is more attainable. Just because you wrote it down does not set it in stone.
  4. What happens if you don’t attain your goal? This is something good for you to think about if you haven’t already. How are you going to treat yourself if you “fail” at attaining a resolution?
  5. Word of the year. I have many friends who choose a word for the year instead of a list of resolutions. Think of words like focus, intentional, mindful,  and healthy. These words leave it open to your own interpretation and can be applicable to certain areas of your life.

It can take several months to form a new habit. Make sure you have a lot compassion for yourself.  If you find that you’ve strayed from your resolution make a point to restart tomorrow. Don’t beat yourself up about it just start fresh.



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