Indulge: How to maintain health and still have fun during the holidays



Psssstttt…the holidays arrive soon, like real soon. Wait, what?!! And even though I’m in a bit of denial, I better saddle up and get ready for the holiday rodeo that is about to be joyously shoved down our throats.


Sarcasm aside, I love the holidays.


What I don’t love? People inevitably mumbling and grumbling about holiday and winter weight gain. Why most people drop their health goals around the holidays puzzles me. Why does this time of year offer all of us a free pass to stop exercising and start eating anything and everything that passes before our eyes?


I’m not suggesting we take all the fun out of the holidays, but there’s also no reason you shouldn’t be able to fit into your favorite jeans on January 2.


So, if you want to enjoy the season without the fear of the dreaded winter weight gain, read on for some helpful tips.


  • Keep your health and fitness goals a priority. Maintaining your routines will help you avoid getting back in the swing of things later. Regular exercise will also help stave off the stress of the holidays. Added bonus!


  • Avoid going to holiday parties hungry. At least eat a healthy snack before going. Doing so allows you to enjoy some of the food served but will also help you from going overboard.


  • Stay hydrated. Nothing makes you feel more sluggish than dehydration. Keep a water bottle close by at all times, especially if you’re enjoying alcoholic beverages.


  • Speaking of drinks, choose wisely! Heavy, calorie laden drinks (like eggnog) taste amazing but they pack an empty caloric punch! One cup (8oz) of eggnog can have 350-500 calories! Try to find a lower calorie option that you enjoy and avoid the weight gain.


  • Eat vegetables and fruit. Yep, I said it again. Don’t forget to eat those healthy little suckers. They pack the nutrients and fiber your body needs and don’t bring with them a bunch of calories.


  • Indulge! Yes. I said that too. Enjoy some holiday favorites. The key word being “some”. I mean, don’t deprive yourself of all the fun. Feelings of deprivation tend to mess with your mind and often lead to binge eating later. Just don’t go there.


  • The holiday season causes stress. It wreaks havoc on your body and mind. Keep it at bay as much as you can. In fact, this may be the perfect time to figure out some new stress relieving techniques. Meditation or taking a walk don’t take any major lifestyle commitments or changes but are proven to work.


  • Get plenty of sleep! Experts report that sleep is even more important than nutrition and exercise to overall health. If you get less than 7 hours a night, re-evaluate your sleep habits. Seriously.


Enjoy the season and have a happy holidays!


Please reach out if you are struggling with health and wellness or need some accountability!


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