Kids Series #3- Snack Attack



It’s time to wrap up our kid series with trying to figure out what to feed our little ones for snacks. Whose kids are utterly dying of starvation the moment they hit door like they have been deprived of their basic needs all day while held captive at school? Mine! That’s if we even make it that far. Sometimes the meltdown ensues on the walk or car ride home.

I now will sound like a broken record from my last few posts. What to include in a snack depends. If your child is growing, just make them a full meal. Haha just kidding, well, kind of. I like to try to squeeze in another serving of fruit or vegetables at snack time.  Pair it with a whole grain or protein and this should fill those little tummies up until dinner.

Protein, fat and fiber are typically what fills you up in a snack or meal. If your little ones just can’t make it long after a snack or meal, you might need to suggest more protein, fat or fiber. I recommend whole fat dairy products, nut butters or nuts and avocados for healthy fat sources. Protein can include beans, nuts, dairy products or meat. Fiber sources include fruit, vegetables and whole grains. White or processed grains don’t make the cut in the fiber department.


Here are some ideas:

Apple and peanut (or other nut) butter

Cottage cheese and fruit

Banana and peanut (or other nut) butter

String cheese and fruit or veggie

Carrots, celery and hummus

Whole grain crackers and fruit

Chips and guacamole

Yogurt (pick a less sugary one) and fruit





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